High Water, Dry Feet: Defense Against Disaster

MIT students in the Terrascope freshman learning community investigate the influence of water on communities. First, we’ll hear about how the Netherlands has managed to adapt successfully to frequent flooding. Then, we’ll listen to a story from Maryland, where many regions recently devastated by intense storms struggle to agree on a plan of action.


Executive Producer: Kelly Chen

Other contributing producers: Gabe Owens-Florez, Jeremy Dudo, Caroline Boone, Landon Chu, AJ Cox, Charvi Gopal, Jarek Kwiecinski, Yenthanh Le, Sarah Weidman

Music used: Waltz in A Minor, composed by Frederic Chopin and performed by Aya Higuchi; Bruyeres, composed by Claude Debussy and performed by Paul Pitman; The Lagoon by Alexander Nakarada; Friends, 2018 by Komiku; Expand the Universe by Fox Sailor. (Sound from TV news about the 1953 flood in the Netherlands is from Sound and Vision, courtesy of the Deltawerken Mediagallery.)

Thanks to the Dutch professionals we interviewed for insight into flood safety in the Netherlands: Lawrence Lishout, Jeroen Kramer, Baukje Kothuis, Tjerk Zitman, and Andrea Voskens.
Terrascope is a freshman learning community focused on solving complex environmental problems. Terrascope Radio is a class developed in collaboration with MITs program in Comparative Media Studies. For more information, go to https://terrascope.mit.edu/radio/.

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