Hollowe’en Show

Please join Kathy and Steve Peters this Sunday, October 28th, as we look forward to Hollowe’en.

We’ll start with Pretty Polly and Mr. Fox, an old story that you hear about on the news every month or two.  Which is just what makes it so frightening.

Then we’ll listen to some songs about shape changers (currently featured on the TV show “Grimm”) Stories in which humans assume the shape of foxes, seals and, from Australia, even a dingo.

There will be songs about magic and the black arts, and the sorts of things people have seen and heard when they are lost and alone.  And afraid.

That’s next Sunday, October 28th, here on KKFI at midday, 11:00AM ’til 1:00PM.  Kathy and Steve will be…looking for you.


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