Hong Kong, China’s Green Gateway?

Hong Kong has always been a world unto itself. But today it’s a city  uncertain of its identity. As mainland China surges to the front rank of  the global economy, its vast industrial base has upstaged Hong Kong.  Many civic leaders are now asking what’s left for Hong Kong to do that  makes use of its unique gifts and strengths. In this program we hear two  civic leaders share their far-reaching visions of how a densely  industrialized capital of high finance could become a model for urban  green revitalization.


Christine Loh, CEO and founder, Civic Exhange, Hong Kong Daniel Cheng, Managing Director, Dunwell  Environ-Tech;  President, Hong Kong Environmental Industry Association;  Deputy Chairman, Federation of Hong Kong Industries



Host: Mark Sommer Senior Producer: Gregg McVicar Associate Producers: Naihma Deady, Matt Fidler Production Engineer: Michael Schwartz

Music in this program: “Northwest Suite No. 1 – I Miss  My Dead Love” – Hong Kong Chinese Orchestra – Hong Kong Chinese  Orchestra; “China Nights (Shina No Yoru)” – Cal Tjader – Verve Records;  “Taiyang Chulai” – Abigail Washburn – Nettwerk Records; “A Kazakh  Meoldy” – Abigail Washburn – Nettwerk Records.

Duration: 55 minutes

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