How The United States Took Out The Nordstream Pipeline and Denouncing The Horrors Of Socialism

How The United States Took Out The Nordstream Pipeline

The war in Ukraine is illegal. Its a violation of international law. Peace forces in the United States are demanding a ceasefire and negotiations,and the recognition of Russias legitimate security concerns. And, of course, at the same time, we recognize that the Russians were provoked by the USA and NATO in to invading Ukraine, having placed so many military bases and bombs on Russias border.

The latest development of enormous economic and political consequences is the American blowing up of the two pipelines that provided cheap Russian natural gas to Europe. The great investigative journalist, Seymour Hersh, has recently discovered and published a hugely significant investigative article on Substack, proving that the United States,despite its vehement denials, was, in fact, responsible for the blowing up of the two pipelines.

This was done to prevent the integration of Russia into the European economy. Because now the United States and Norway sell liquefied natural gas, and natural gas, to Western Europe at four or five times the price of Russian gas.

Guest – Seymour Hersh, has won a Pulitzer Prize and five Polk awards, beginning with his expose of the My Lai massacre in Vietnam where American troops killed 500 women, children and old men. His important articles were published in the New York Times, the New Yorker, and other mainstream media outlets. But his article on the US blowing up of the two pipelines had to be self-published on his Substack platform.


Denouncing The Horrors Of Socialism

On February 2nd of this year, the now Republican-controlled U.S. House of Representatives passed a resolution denouncing the horrors of socialism.”

It passed overwhelmingly in a 328″86″14 vote. More than half of the Democrats voted for it, while 86 voted against it and 14 voted present. The resolution is made up of lies and half truths. We urge listeners to read it for themselves. It is online. The resolution is three pages in length and 99% of it consists of a series of whereas clauses pointing out with the Republican authors of the resolution believe are examples of the horribles of Socialism.

What is socialism? Socialism has never really existed anywhere yet there have been attempts starting with the great Russian revolution of 1917 which effectively ended the slaughter of World War I. It was overthrown in 1991 when the USA and others successfully restored capitalism. What would a socialist society be like? First of all it would be democratic politically and economically and it would not be run by the one percent.

America has a rich history of electing people with a socialist vision. Socialism would illuminate racism and economic want. It would provide for education and healthcare, housing and employment for everybody. Production would be for human needs, not for profit. It would clean up the environment and eliminate the threat of catastrophic man-made climate change.

Guest – Jeff Mackler is the National Secretary of Socialist Action and was their candidate for president in 2016 and in 2020. Mr. Mackler also serves on the Administrative Committee of the United National Anti-war Coalition, or UNAC. He is the Director of the Mobilization to Free Mumia Abu-Jamal and a steering committee member of the National Julian Assange Defense Committee. A lifelong activist, Jeff Mackler is the author of 25 books and pamphlets and political, economic, and anti-US imperial war movements.

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