Hungry March Band

Based in New York City, the 25-piece Hungry March Band describes themselves as “a blazing parade of flesh, blood, steel, brass and wood.” We speak to members of the band about their history, their travels, and of course their music.

Performing at venues as diverse as parades, protests, concert halls, beaches and subway parties, “HMB” is legendary for their anarchic spirit and rousing, Dionysian performance style. The band’s repertoire is fantastically varied, including songs from New Orleans, Indian wedding music, Gypsy/Roma classics, punk, funk, hip-hop & Latin styles.

The show features interviews with band members and selections from Hungry March Band’s latest album, “Portable Soundtracks for Temporary Utopias.” For more information, visit:

Hosted by Sebastian Isler of the Hungry March Band

Produced by David Claman of Pacifica’s Outreach Office in New York City

Production support from Gretta Cohn, Ursula Ruedenberg and Doug George

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