Imara Jones on State of the Union, Dave Zirin on ‘Game Over’

Corporate media read calls for a focus on economic growth and investment in Barack Obama’s State of the Union address as a sign he was “closing out the politics of austerity.” Our guest says you only get that takeaway by not listening to most of what Obama said. Imara Jones is Economic Justice contributor for

Also on the show: Sports and politics don’t mix–or at least they’re not supposed to, if the bosses or much of the sports media get their way. But Dave Zirin argues in his new book that the world of sports is full of political stories—the ones we see, like athletes standing up for marriage equality or labor rights, and the ones we don’t always see. He covers all of that in his new book Game Over, and he’ll join us to talk about it.



–“The Simple Truth: You Can’t Have Growth and Austerity at Once,” by Imara Jones (Colorlines.com2/13/13)

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