Intersex Law in Kenya

Darlan Rukih’s mother tried to keep her child’s intersex condition a secret, but eventually it came out. Darlan has become a famous gospel singer, and uses his [preferred pronoun] wealth to provide refuge for homeless and oppressed persons. He also speaks out on behalf of intersex people’s rights, including the right to be accepted and loved. Due to intersex persecution, Kenya’s High Court and now the government have been gradually working on best practices for accommodating intersex persons in schools, prisons, and medicine, also in families. A Children’s Rights law passed in 2022 recognized the right to Intersex identity on birth documents. A national committee on intersex is promoting awareness and best practices, and proposing more changes in law.

This program’s featured speakers are Apostle Darlan Rukih, intersex person, preacher and Gospel singer and Rukih’s mother, Marashan Rayah.

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