Iraq Invasion +20 (how US control affected women’s rights)

Today’s program features Yanar Mohammed, Chair of the Organization of Women’s Freedom in Iraq. Marge May of community radio WERU-FM speaks to Yanar about her return to Iraq in 2003 in which she found massive infrastructure destruction, impunity for murderers of women, and a US-imposed political system that gave power to male leaders of sects and factions which had no room for women’s secular issues or representation. The latest information on the activities of the Organization of Women’s Freedom in Iraq can be found on their website

This program’s interview and editing was performed by Marge May, longtime host of Women’s Windows on WERU-FM. The producer of this show is Frieda Werden. The Women’s International News Gathering Service (WINGS) has been covering the global women’s movement and related issues for community radio since 1986. WINGS may be contacted through their website [email protected]

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