On our show for September 11th, we will broadcast the most recent Climate Hour, produced by Bob Grove.  The topic is nuclear energy.

Nuclear energy, the use of sustained nuclear fission to generate heat and electricity, contributes nearly 20 percent of the electricity generated in America. The United States has used nuclear power for more than 60 years to produce reliable, low-carbon energy and to support national defense activities.

Nuclear supporters think that nuclear energy is a safe, sustainable option with zero greenhouse gas emissions, and that it plays an important role in fighting climate change.

The anti-nuclear movement thinks that nuclear power’s radioactivity creates too many risks and that nuclear energy is too expensive and too slow to deploy when compared to modern renewable energy sources, like wind and solar. And that is not to mention the waste!  A major environmental concern related to nuclear power is the creation of radioactive wastes such as uranium mill tailings, spent or (used) reactor fuel, and other radioactive wastes. These materials can remain radioactive and dangerous to human health for thousands of years. And in the meantime, the nuclear waste that a power plant generates in its entire lifetime is stored on-site in dry casks. A permanent disposal site for used nuclear fuel has been planned for Yucca Mountain, Nevada since 1987, but political issues keep it from becoming a reality. Is placing it in Nevada a good idea?

Is nuclear an important tool in the transition away from fossil fuels, or is it already outperformed by renewable energy?

Host Bob Grove, and his guests, David Kraft, Director and Co-Founder, Nuclear Energy Information Service and Brigadier General Wendell Chris King (Ret.), Dean Emeritus, U.S. Army Command and General Staff College discuss Nuclear Energy.

We at EcoRadio KC are glad to encourage awareness and protection of our world.  Our goal is to ensure our listeners are aware of how we can create a sustainable present for a sustainable future!

This will be a great radio hour!


“Never doubt that a small group of thoughtful, committed citizens can about the world; indeed, it’s the only thing that ever has.” Margaret Mead

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