It’s time to Stand Up, Speak Up on Climate Change- Craig Wolfe and Soular

Craig Wolfe is president of the Heartland Renewable Energy Society, Chair of Sierra Club, Kansas Chapter, and Kansas City group leader for Citizens Climate Lobby.  Craig and bass player Randy Deutch will perform stirring original music, while offering strong hope for our planet.  Craig will also discuss the national Carbon Fee and Dividend Campaign and actions we can take to minimize climate disruption.

The music duo Soular has its roots in the classic rock era of Crosby Stills Nash & Young, Jackson Browne, and The Beatles, and of course the 5-piece group Amdahl Wolfe where Craig Wolfe and Randy Deutch first playhed together. Their original music follows their motto:

Thought for the Mind
Love for the Heart
Truth for the Soul

Their tunes are inspired by helping the environment and finding a better path for our future. Of course, that path includes room for great love songs.

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