Jailing The Mentally Ill Is Crazy and A Civil Right History Tour Of The South

Jailing The Mentally Ill Is Crazy

The mentally ill are a problem neither the police, the courts or prison administrations have been able to deal with effectively. Mainly that is because they need treatment and understanding rather than judgement and punishment. We have seen videos of police shooting the disturbed person with a weapon all too often. What we don’t see as much is the treatment the mentally ill receive in court or the frustration and cruelty they face once convicted and sent to the penitentiary.

Host Craig Lubow talks with Psychologist Robert Barnett about how the mentally should be defended in court and what should be done if they are sent to prison.

A Civil Right History Tour Of The South

The Penn Valley CC Social Science Division in sponsoring its annual Civil Rights Pilgrimage April 24-27. The Civil Rights Learning Community will visit historic sites from the Civil Rights era in Memphis, Atlanta, Montgomery and Birmingham. The 4-day bus tour is open to students, employees and community members.

To prepare for the pilgrimage, enroll in HIST 140 or CRJU 101. To enroll strictly in the pilgrimage, enroll in HIST 199A or CRJU 167A. For more information, contact the Social Science Division in Room 301 of the Humanities Building at PVCC or call 816.604.4282.

Host Sunshine Smith will talk with Professor Karen Curls, head of the Sociology Department and Lyle Gibson an history instructor from Penn Valley Community College about this years tour and what you need to do to participate.

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