For our show on December 13th, 2021, we are going to replay our show from October 11, 2021, when hosts Terri Wilke and Keith Brown El spoke with Spencer Graves, a host of RadioActive Magazine on KKFI and Khadijah Hardaway, who works with Tommy Simmons, a man many have heard from about the Kansas City Police Department.







Our discussion will center on the July 2021 letter addressed to US Attorney General Merrick Garland and signed by representatives of the Urban League – KC, the National Black United Front KC, the NAACP – KC, the Southern Christian Leadership Conference – KC, and the Urban Summit.




The letter asks the US Department of Justice to do a civil rights investigation of the KCPD because of numerous incidents of deadly force, serious bodily injury, excessive force and false arrest.  The time span 2013 through 2021.  These issues in KC have been simultaneous to the police killing of Michael Brown in Ferguson MO, then George Floyd in Minnesota and the rise of the Black Lives Matter movement.

We believe we can continue to have police, that policing is necessary to our society and that we can do a better job.  Particularly if we examine ourselves for ingrained racial stereotypes and continue the work toward an equalitarian society.

After the calendar, in the second half of our hour, host Melvin Merritt will speak with Ms. Emma Ashton, a social reform officer.  They’ll tell us of an upcoming event on December 31, 2021 – the Penny Mill Annual Bowling Excursion, 2 – 4 PM at Diamond Bowl, 218 N. Osage, Independence MO.  Everyone is invited to this free event, with food, drinks, bowling and prizes for kids.  All cultures are welcome.  Penny Mill wants us to empower our children.



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