Why They Come and American Prisons in Honduras; and US Prosecutors Go To Europe To Learn How It’s Done There

Why They Come and American Prisons in Honduras

I recently heard someone in the coffeeshop ask “if their country is so great why do they want to come here?” My thought was, you answered your own question. Honduras, like other countries in Central America are not such great places to live today. The corruption, repression and violence has many fleeing for their lives and many more standing up and fighting back. The United States plays a role in the conditions by supporting regimes that oppress, with our drug habit and our imperialist designs on their resources.

Our guests will explain how US policy supports the corruption with the very programs meant to fight against it and how the War on Terrorism is used to justify the abuses fostered by the War on Drugs. It is striking to hear the complaints of the prisoners in these US built prison in Honduras and see just how they directly match the complaints coming out of our own prisons.

Today host Margot Patterson gets a first hand view of what is happening in Honduras from Judy Ancel of The Cross Border Network here in Kansas City who has traveled numerous time to Honduras and Karen Spring, a Canadian Human Rights activist who lives in Honduras and is married to Edwin Espinal a political prisoner in a US designed and built prison in Honduras.

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US Prosecutors Go To Europe To Learn How It’s Done There

More than 20 leading prosecutors from across the United States participated in an international site visit to observe and learn from pioneering criminal justice models in Europe that have helped reduce incarceration and save lives through policies focused on restraint in charging, public health harm reduction strategies and decriminalization of drug use.

During the first leg of the learning trip, elected prosecutors were in Berlin to study Germany’s charging and plea bargaining approaches, rates and length of incarceration, youth justice practices and conditions of confinement. During the second week, prosecutors went to Lisbon, Portugal to explore models of decriminalization and public health responses to drug use.

As part of the trip, prosecutors visited courts; health and community service providers; toured prisons and treatment facilities; and met with law enforcement leaders, judges, public health officials, international experts and individuals with experience in the criminal justice system. The visits are aimed at learning from the successes of international models and gathering ideas about how to decrease incarceration and improve criminal justice approaches in the United States.

Today Host Craig Lubow talks with Miriam Krinsky, Executive Director of Fair and Just Prosecution about the Prosecutors who participated, what they learned and how they are implementing and sharing what they learned on their two week visit to observe the innovative models in Germany and Portugal that offer more effective paths forward, grounded in prevention, harm reduction, respect for human dignity and second chances.

Fair and Just Prosecution

At Fair and Just Prosecution, we believe more can be done to enhance accountability and transparency, move beyond past incarceration-driven approaches, and develop policies that promote a more equitable justice system.

Fair and Just Prosecution (FJP) brings together newly elected local prosecutors as part of a network of leaders committed to promoting a justice system grounded in fairness, equity, compassion, and fiscal responsibility. These recently elected leaders – and the vision they share for safer and healthier communities – are supported by FJP’s network through ongoing information sharing, research and resource materials, opportunities for on the ground learning, in-person convenings, technical assistance, and access to national experts.

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