Jenin Refugee Camp resists Israeli raid

On July 3 Israel unleashed a major raid on the Jenin refugee camp, a Palestinian militant stronghold in the Israeli-occupied West Bank, The operation was led by various Israeli special forces including a unit specializing in guerilla warfare. The resistance in Jenin benefitted from the camp’s terrain, essentially using principles of guerilla warfare to initiate skirmishes, slow the army to a snail’s pace and retreat unharmed. Jenin’s relative successes also rely on the kind of organizational relationships that exist in the camp and their ability to rein in internal conflict. Nevertheless, as thousands fled during the early hours of the assault some described the scenes as reminiscent of the Nakba in 1948, when Palestinian refugees – including the forefathers of those in the Jenin camp – were forced out of their homelands in historic Palestine by Zionist militias.
12 Palestinians were killed during the 48 hour assault.

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