Jewish Nationalism Fuels Increasing Attacks on Christians

The Rev. Mae Elise Cannon, executive director of Churches for Middle East Peace, says Jerusalem’s status as a city that is home to two peoples and sacred to three faiths has never been more endangered in the modern era than it is today. Recently returned from a trip to the Middle East, she discusses the Israeli government’s intentional erosion of the historic status quo that has governed Jews, Christians and Muslims’ access to the holy sites in Jerusalem and the dramatic rise in attacks on Christians.  Though both pre-date the current government, Cannon says they have escalated under the new government and reflect rising Jewish nationalism that is undermining religious tolerance and human rights. Cannon goes on to address the obstacles in the U.S. Congress and the general public facing Churches for Middle East Peace, a coalition of 30 church communions in the United States that advocates for just, comprehensive, long-last resolutions to conflicts in the Middle East,


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