July Journalists’ Roundtable

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Journalists’ Roundtable

Our panel this week, Aysha Khan of Religion News Service and Holly Meyer, religion reporter at the Tennessean, look at the mounting protests against the mistreatment of migrants and asylum seekers. Then we hear about Zulfat Suara, a candidate for Nashville’s metro council, and the attacks she’s been subjected to because she’s Muslim. We move on to a Mississippi gubernatorial candidate’s invocation of the Billy Graham rule in his refusal to allow a female political reporter to shadow him for a day without a chaperone. We explore why the late evangelist devised this rule 70 years ago and why politicians are invoking it today. Then, we learn about a recent push among United Methodists to confront climate change. What do they hope to accomplish within and beyond their congregations?

Aysha Khan, reporter at Religion News Service

Holly Meyer, religion reporter at The Tennessean


A Religious Response To Presidential Racism

We devote this segment to one of the most disturbing stories of the past month: the president’s call for four members of Congress to go back to countries they came from. When racism and xenophobia emanate from the White House, how should people of faith react? What should the pastoral response be? Yolanda Pierce, dean of Howard University’s School of Divinity, explains how Trump’s remarks tear at our civic fabric and why presidential candidates need to pay more attention to the broadest spectrum of religious Americans.

The Rev. Yolanda Pierce, dean, Howard University School of Divinity

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