June Religion Journalists’ Roundtable

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June Roundtable

Our panelists start with the Supreme Court, and its determination that a 40-foot-high cross on federal land is constitutional. They then tackle other faith-related cases, and the Democratic presidential candidates’ performances at a forum of religious activists. We also discuss how states are beginning to roll back religious exemptions to vaccines. They then consider the proceedings of two major religious conferences in June — of the U.S. Roman Catholic bishops and the Southern Baptist Convention. Both groups are grappling with sexual abuse – but not in a way that satisfies activists on the issue. We then consider anti-government protesters in mostly non-Christian Hong Kong, and why they have adopted a Christian hymn as their rallying cry.

Kelsey Dallas, The Deseret News
Jack Jenkins, Religon News Service 


Religion Meets Sexuality…on TV

Kimberly Wilson considers two recent television shows with fascinating examinations of religion, especially the role sexuality plays in religion. The first is Fleabag, a wickedly dark comedy in which a young English woman who lacks faith falls in love with a priest. The second is Gentleman Jack, a historial drama based on the decoded diaries of Anne Lister, a landed gentlewoman who lived in 19th century Halifax and accepted herself as both a lesbian and devout Anglican.

Kimberly Winston, freelance religion journalist 

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