Juneteenth Special

All Souls Forum is on hiatus until after Labor Day. This week, we present the Juneteenth Special presentation of “Let’s Talk About Race” from KBOO Community Radio in Portland, OR.

Juneteenth, the African American celebration of emancipation has been thrust into the spotlight this year after the deaths of George Floyd, Breonna Taylor, and Ahmaud Arbery. These events, which sparked global Black Lives Matter protests, have further highlighted racial injustice in America. In our inaugural episode of Lets Talk About Race, we’re diving into the legacy, meaning, and cultural impact of the holiday and how slavery continues to cast its brutal shadow over our country. Our segment Book Love reviews Ta-Nehisi Coates debut novel The Water Dancer, a book that takes a look at the barbarism of slavery through the lens of magical realism. Lastly, The Faith Report charts how Christianity had a key role in supporting and justifying slavery while intimidating those who followed who spoke against it.

WARNING: This program contains graphic descriptions of violence and audio recordings of the death of George Floyd, which some listeners may find disturbing.


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