Justice or “Just Us”: Environmental Justice as a Universal Human Right CLAYTON THOMAS-MULLER, SHAWNA LARSON, and MARYANNE HITT

The current industrial system generates 94 percent waste. It all lands somewhere, often ultimately in our bodies. A society that wastes its resources also wastes its people. Why are low-income communities and communities of color the perennial human sacrifice zones? Courageous environmental justice advocates Clayton Thomas-Muller, Shawna Larson and Maryanne Hitt are successfully rejecting this new form of toxic colonization from Alaska to Appalachia. They tell us we all have a right to clean air, water and land – the right to a healthy environment.


About Clayton Thomas-Muller

Clayton Thomas-Muller of the Mathias Colomb Cree Nation, also known as Pukatawagan in Northern Manitoba, Canada, is an activist with the Indigenous Environmental Network (IEN) and is based in Ottawa, Ontario, Canada. He has been campaigning against the energy extraction companies that are polluting Native lands on five continents – especially Alberta Canada’s Oil Sands operation, also known as the “Tar Sands.” Thomas-Muller is also a gifted poet and rap artist.

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