Kansas City: 1924 – Baseball Season

After the shocking cliffhanger in the last episode of “Kansas City: 1924,” what seems like a break in the weather may turn out to be just be the eye of the storm. In episode 5, “Baseball Season,” the turf war between Ma Pritchett and Joey Giovanni threatens to spiral out of control as we learn what has become of Rose and George.

Featuring Victor Raider-Wexler (who also directs), Matt Schwader, Scott Cordes, Matt Rapport, R. H. Wilhoit, Ellen Kirk, Jan Rogge, Kyle Dyck, Brianna Woods, Jen Mays, Chioma Anyanwu, Gary Neal Johnson, Brian Paulette, and Sam Cordes. Written by Forrest Attaway and hosted by Cinnamon Schultz. Sound Design by Jonathan Robertson. Written by Forrest Attaway.

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