Kansas City: 1924 – The Ides of Summer

Personal vendettas deepen as the bill for blood comes due in Episode 7 of Kansas City: 1924, “The Ides of Summer.” In this episode, Giovanni’s mob plots their next move after months of sabotage at the hands of Livestock Exchange agents and we see the personal toll of the ongoing conflict. Don’t miss Kansas City’s finest actors in the next chapter of this historical epic.

Featuring Ellen Kirk, Cinnamon Schultz, Mark Robbins, Michael Ott, Brian Paulette, Scott Cordes, Rusty Sneary, Nedra Dixon, Justin McCoy, Jan Rogge, Katie Hall, Alisa Lynn, RH Wilhoit, Matt Rapport, Sam Cordes and Victor Raider-Wexler. Written by Forrest Attaway. Directed by Victor Raider-Wexler with Sound Design and Engineering by Jonathan Robertson.

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