Kansas City: 1924 – The Ties That Bind

In the opening episode of Forrest Attaway’s “Kansas City: 1924,” “The Ties That Bind,” the new and old ways go head-to-head when the Esposito mob tangles with Ma Pritchett’s cattle outfit. Meanwhile, a well-connected and mysterious stranger arrives in town, meeting a jazz singer with conflicting interests. An unmistakable message is sent to the mafia on their home turf as this cold war threatens to heat up.

Host – Cinnamon Schultz

Cast – Victor Raider-Wexler as the Narrator; Matt Schwader as Vincent Esposito; Scott Cordes as Big Mike; Mark Robbins as Joey Giovanni; Ellen Kirk as Alice; Mike Ott as Police Captain James Sullivan; Jan Rogge as Ma Pritchett; Kyle Dyck as Tom; Bri Woods as Rose; Justin McCoy as George. Directed by Victor Raider-Wexler. Sound Design by Jonathan Robertson.

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