Kansas City Defender founder Ryan Sorrell explains why you should care

A new and innovative news source in Kansas City is the Kansas City Defender.  It says it is “America’s #1 newsletter for Black politics, culture, tech and world news. Smart, brief, and straight to your inbox“. It was founded in 2021 after the George Floyd protests and has already won national acclaim.

Ryan Sorrell, the founding editor of the Kansas City Defender, discusses their mission, vision and success trajectory so far with Radio Active Magazine regular Spencer Graves.  One of their recent reports featured a black student who reportedly complained to the school administration at Olathe West High School multiple times about a white student who repeatedly used the N-word.  After the administration seemed to have done nothing, the black student got in a fight with the white student and was expelled — told “don’t come back” — while the white student got respectful “escorts” to class and was apparently not disciplined.  


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