Kansas Legislature Captured by Voter Fraud Myth

On Feb. 8, 2022, RadioActive Magazine, with host Dave Mitchell, will shine a spotlight on the myth of widespread voter fraud in the Nov. 2020 election, and highlight recent comments by prominent Republican Senators Mike Rounds of South Dakota and Mitch McConnell of Kentucky affirming the Nov., 2020, presidential election as free and fair.  However, relatively few Republicans have been willing to affirm this truth, and the winds of the myth of widespread voter fraud still hold great power.

In 2021, Republican legislatures nationwide have proposed, and passed, a wide variety of voter registration bills, and their efforts continue into 2022.  The Kansas legislature is not immune to these national dynamics, despite a resounding Trump win in 2020 in the state, and to discuss voting bills passed, or proposed, RadioActive Magazine will host Lucille King, Advocacy Chair, and former Co-Chair for the Kansas League of Women Voters.

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