KC’s own Darnell “Solo” Kirkwood, LA based multidisciplinary artist exhibits his “Discoveries Along the Way”

Darnell “Solo” Kirkwood is a self-taught LA based multidisciplinary artist that was born and raised in Kansas City, MO. Playing basketball in college for Lynn University and overseas in Denmark, produced essential tools that have been the foundation of his journey. After a career ending injury, he took his passion for storytelling and excelled as a model and actor in television and film. Working on projects such as Top Gun: Maverick, Young and the Restless, Hawaii Five-O and Bosch. Acting prepared him with vehicles of expression in his availability to be completely vulnerable and translate the energy of the moment. This understanding propelled him to continue one of his favorite forms of content creations known as art in limited-series form.

As an artist, Solo creates revelations through abstract intentional narrative works by way of a multilayer language of wisdom that he calls “F.E.E.L.” A process the artist describes as, “Creating art while being a vessel of (F)aith to possess the (E)nergy of (E)mpowerment through (L)ove. These revelations are delivered through conversations of life in experiences as well as being a vessel of ancestral communications. These conversations are intentionally continued through a language of glyphs created by Solo that encourage an interactive and immersive experience between the artist and viewer. Providing an unconscious mirror to many life experiences, empowers divine revelations. As a devotee of wisdom, Solo loves exploring these continued revelations, essential reminders of empowerment and the superpower of love. That is why the energy of each piece derives from and is dedicated to the journeys traveled through the perseverance of both dreamers and visionaries against all odds.

Exhibit on view from 01.06.23 to 02.17.23, at Habitat Contemporary Gallery 2012 Baltimore Ave., Kansas City MO, in the Leedy-Voulkos Art Center

Artist website:solotheartist.com  Insta: by_solotheartist

Host/producer/engineer: Donna Morrow Wolfe

Co-host/co-producer: Karen E. Griffin

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