Land of the Free: Rekindling Democracy in the Age … THOMAS LINZEY, FRED and PAT WALLS

Tom Linzey is one of only about 200 full-time public-interest environmental attorneys in the United States. He co-founded the Community Environmental Legal Defense Fund, a Pennsylvania-based nonprofit organization providing free and affordable legal services to grassroots groups and municipal governments. Linzey’s work addresses one of the most fundamental obstacles to democracy in the United States: unbridled corporate power.


“More than ever,” reports the New York Times, “Americans do not trust business or the people who run it.” A recent Roper poll showed that 72 per cent of respondents felt that wrongdoing was widespread in industry. A whopping 90 per cent told a Harris poll that big companies have too much influence on government. A Program on International Policy Attitudes poll found that two policies stymied by industry lobbyists, conserving energy and developing renewables, are among the public’s highest priorities. And as the nation’s gaping wealth gap grows ever wider, a Zogby poll probed how the American people ranked their country’s “most urgent moral crisis.” It found two concerns rated twice as high as any other: greed and materialism, poverty and economic justice.


If this is a democracy, why aren’t the public’s priorities and values reflected?

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