Latahra Smith and News from KC Freedom Project, Ricky Kidd Finishes This Freedom Lap Tour

Host Latahra Smith will talk about the September 3rd double protest of the KC Freedom Project when they traveled to Jefferson City to file complaints against Jackson County prosecutors Amy McGowan and Dan Hill at the same time demonstrating in KCMO for the discipline of police officers under investigation for their acts.  Supporters of KC Freedom Project called for discipline of the KCMO police officers involved with the 2019 shooting of Cameron Lamb and assault of Brianna “BB” Hill.   If we have concern about crime, that concern includes the fact there can be a fine line between a law enforcement officers and criminals.  If you believe in safety, you can believe we are only safe if all are acting in the best interest of each other.

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During the second part of our hour,  we will play from Final Lap Reflections, the September 1st recording by Ricky Kidd as he completes Freedom Lap 2020.   Tune in as Ricky shares insight from his days on the road to raise awareness of the important issue of wrongful convictions.   After 23 years of his own wrongful incarceration, August 15, 2020 was the one-year anniversary of the date Ricky Kidd regained his deserved freedom.  To acknowledge this milestone, he embarked on a cross-country tour – Freedom Lap 2020.  At each stop, he recorded an event, interview, or meeting with organizations and press.  Freedom Lap 2020 was a Facebook Live event.  It is all accessible at

We hope you will be so intrigued by this excerpt that you indulge in the entire live streamed event!

Calendar for the week of September 7th:

In compliance with the latest version of Mayor Lucas’s emergency order, certain business activities may resume while ensuring necessary public health measures remain in place.  See the FAQS at

  • KCCJTF Conference Call type meeting will NOT happen MON, Sept. 7th because of Labor Day.


  • WED, Sept. 9th, We Deserve to Breathe: Info session & Action Sign Up: 6 PM, Online event of the Reale Justice Network. We Deserve to Breathe is a visionary bill that divests taxpayer dollars from brutal and discriminatory policing and invests in a new vision of public safety—a vision that answers the call to defund the police and allows all communities to finally BREATHE free. See on Facebook.


  • THURS, Sept. 10th, SURJ KC – Showing Up for Racial Justice, Kansas City: 7 PM, Online event. There has been a rapid shift in focus from racial justice in our schools to delivering instruction safely in a pandemic. Educators in this Facebook Live will discuss the way this pandemic exacerbates issues. More info on Facebook.


  • Mothers of Incarcerated Sons & Daughters will have their monthly meeting Noon until 2 PM at Plexpod Westport Commons on SAT, Sept. 12th. Plexpod Westport Commons is centrally located on bus line, easy to find at 300 E. 39th St KCMO (Annex A)  with convenient parking and much more. Check details at or on Facebook at kcmisd.



  • A list of services, meals, and hot lines are available at It is updated daily.

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