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This week, first we will replay from our April 2020 show when host Pat Bartholome spoke with Sheryl Ferguson, a friend of Cameron Lamb.  On December 3, 2019, Kansas City Police Detective Eric J. DeValkenaere shot and killed 26-year-old Cameron Lamb in his own backyard.

There was a lack of answers about what happened the night Cameron Lamb was shot and killed. At the time of Pat’s interview with Sheryl Ferguson, that is all that was known.  On November 19, 2021, KCMO Police Detective Eric J. DeValkenaere was convicted of involuntary manslaughter in the 2019 shooting death of Cameron Lamb.  Recently, DeValkenaere’s conviction in the killing of Cameron Lamb was upheld by an appeals court.

On the second half of the show, host Craig Lubow talks to Allen Rostron.  Allen will discuss recent trends in  discuss recent trends in Constitutional law and criminal defense cases decided since 2022. Allen is a constitutional law expert who teaches at UMKC School of Law and he has been a guest on Jaws of Justice before.

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  • THURS, Nov. 2nd, 6 – 9 PM at KCMO Municipal Auditorium (Lower Exhibition Hall) is More²’s 18th Annual Interfaith Inspirational Revival! Music by Lee Langston; Keynote by Dr. Gregory Ellison; honoring of Equity Partners of 2023 Lee Barnes and Randy Lopez!

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