Life or Death: Ending the Death Penalty

A growing movement is demanding the United States do away with the death penalty. In 2012 voters had the chance to vote to replace California’s death penalty with life without the possibility of parole. But while some saw the ballot measure as a way to end the death penalty, others saw life without parole as another kind of death sentence
On this edition KALW reporter Nancy Mullane speaks to some of those on California’s death row and we hear from two opponents of the death penalty about where the movement to end executions goes next.

Walter Cook, San Quentin State Prison inmate; Demitrius Howard, San Quentin State Prison inmate; Justin Helzer, San Quentin State Prison inmate; Christine Thomas, Campaign to End the Death Penalty; Davi

Producer/Host: George Lavender Producers: Jen Chien, Andrew Stelzer
Reporter: Nancy Mullane
Executive Director: Lisa Rudman
Development Manager: Juanita Carroll Young
Production Interns: Lisa Bartfai, Salima Hamirani, Eryn Mathewson
Web Editor: Irene Florez
Organizational Volunteers: Dan Turner, Alton Byrd and Barbara Barnett

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