Life Without Parole for Juveniles? Can juveniles growup and change in prison?

Margot Patterson talks with John T Lash about his experience of being sentenced to Life at the age of 18, learning to be an adult in prison and his path to reformation.  John gives his take on why we shouldn’t be throwing juvenile’s lives away in prison.

Can we really tell by the commission of a heinous crime that a juvenile is incapable of becoming a good person and responsible adult?  Is prison the best place to turn errant youth around?  What kind of obstacles does a young person face trying to grow up in the penitentiary?

John is a writer for the Juvenile Justice Information Exchange and working on a bachelors degree.  Now in hisw 50s he has has learned a lot about he is caple of acheiving and what mankind can and will do to their own.  This is a rare opportunity to find out from someone who has done the time and work to turn his life around.



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