Lily, Ellen, Alison, And Pat + Global LGBT News!

This week on This Way Out:

Lily opens her closet curtains; Ellen crowns two prom kings; Tony bows a dozen times to Alison’s Broadway bombshell; a lesbian-feminist-poet-activist has a few words “For the Straight Folks”; Cyprus officials propose civil partnerships, Costa Rica’s high court orders doctors to heal their homophobia, Buenos Aires christens a 3-parent family, a top Kenyan official declares “no room for gays” in his country, “God’s lawsuit” is cast out, and more LGBT news from around the world!

Featured speakers/guests:

Lily Tomlin; Ellen DeGeneres; Jacob Lescenski & Anthony Martinez; Kristina Teschner; Pat Parker. Cameo: Dana (“Church Lady”) Carvey.


Hosted by Greg Gordon and produced with Lucia Chappelle. NewsWrap reporters: Natalie Peoples & Matthew McLaughlin; Producer: Steve Pride. Add’l material from HuffPoLive’s Alyona Minkovski. Theme music: Kim Wilson. Add’l music: Teresa Trull; and from the hit Alison Bechdel Broadway musical Fun Home.

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