Local Artists/Band Auction!

Wahoo! It’s Band Auction time again. We’ll be bringing you some of the amazing area artists playing in the Fall Band Auction, plus some of our local favorites who we wish were playing in the Band Auction.

From the Band Auction you’ll be hearing: Sally and the Hurts, Danielle Ate the Sandwich, Gerald Trimble & Jambaroque, Exit 13, Fred Wickham Caravan, Chris Hudson and the Bard Owls, Gullywasher, Turloch Boylan of The Tae Company, Starhaven Rounders, Mick Byrd, and Cucharada, plus both music and interviews from Carley Verbeck of Scotch Hollow, Bill Brady of Whiskey Mash, and Elexa Dawson.  We’re filling in around these folks with Scartaglen (still a favorite even after all these years), Connie Dover, Betsy & Clark, Kelly Hunt, and Nathalie Pires with Ensemble Iberica.

But we’re going to kick the show off with Norman Blake’s ‘Last Train from Poor Valley’ for KKFI DJ Una Nightshade.

If you haven’t bid on a band yet, you’re missing one heck of an opportunity. There’s no time like the present to rectify that!  Just go to the website or https://www.32auctions.com/kkfibandauction. Bidding ends today at 5:00.

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