Local artists Kevin Church Johnson & Natasha Ria El-Scari on life, love and how they found “them”.

Kevin Church Johnson and Natasha Ria El-Scari have recently released a collaborative album of poetry and song titled We Found Us. It tells their story.

Kevin Church Johnson is a drummer, vocalist, producer and songwriter. Kevin is the recipient of the ARTSKC 2022 Inspiration Grant. His artistry is versatile, including pocket Jazz, soul, gospel, R&B love songs, hip hop hooks and production. He expresses himself in an effortless baritone tenor with massive range.

Natasha Ria has been writing and performing poetry for three decades, performing with live musicians in Jazz, R&B, or Hip Hop. Her work is personal, political and intersectional, illustrating her whole self.

Natasha Ria is a Certified Life Coach in the Strategic Intervention Method ™,  helping empowered people seek wellness and balance. She is also a Writing Coach,  assisting writers throughout the writing and publishing process with individual guidance, manuscript development, marketing and more.

The Natasha Ria Art Gallery started in 2018 as the El-Scari Harvey Art Gallery with the clear intention of being an inclusive art gallery dedicated to exhibiting underrepresented visual artists. She hosts monthly individual and group Artist Talks and exhibitions, intimate musical events called Gallery Grooves, book release parties and more. Natasha is the founder and curator of Black Space Black Art.

Host, producer, engineer:  Donna Morrow Wolfe

Co-host, co-producer: Karen E. Griffin

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