White Buffalo Poetry and Blues, a mix of poetry, story and song (rebroadcast of Oct. 3rd Local Showcase)

Rebroadcast of KKFI’s Local Showcase, Thursday, Oct. 3rd.

Whenever a white buffalo shows up it’s a pretty cool deal. At least, that’s the word on the street. So once upon a time, JT decided that he wanted to create a coffee shop, dubbed The White Buffalo Café and Emporium, where socially conscious hipsters could hang out and drink coffee, play music, write poems and discuss Kierkegaard. Most of this happened. Years later, the coffee shop was memorialized with the traveling troupe called White Buffalo.

White Buffalo Poetry and Blues presents a mix of poetry, story and song. They have performed together for over twenty years in art galleries, folk festivals, bookstores, and pubs.

The White Buffalo collective includes:

Al Ortolani – Poet
Adam Jameson – Poet
J.T. Knoll – columnist, poet, musician
Lem Sheppard – musician


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