Hour 1
Segment 1:
00:00 Open bed music start: “Don’t Forget To Mess Around” Louis Armstrong
INCUE: This is AR I’m NS in New Orleans. It’s that time of year when we in public radio ask for your support, and by that we mean your financial contribution to this luminous radio station you’re listening to right now…

“Don’t Forget To Mess Around” Louis Armstrong & His Orchestra 3:15
“Mess Around” Ray Charles 2:41
“I Live the Life I Love (Version 2)” Esquerita with the Jordanaires 2:21
“Let the Good Times Roll” Dr. John 3:45

OUTCUE: …we also heard New Orleans’ honorary citizen Ray Charles’ “Mess Around.” Don’t mess around too much though–least not right now– because you have an important task at hand. Support your public radio station with some moola today. Here’s how.
12:06 OUT
Segment 2:
00:00 INCUE: I’m NS and this week on AR we’re sending out the money call for public radio, by doing what we do best, bringing you the music from across the American soundscape. You’ll be surprised just how many songs mention our hometown of New Orleans…

“Aberdeen Mississippi Blues” Bukka White 4:10
“Saint James Infirmary” Snooks Eaglin 2:24
“House of the Rising Sun” Cat Power 3:55

OUTCUE: …And you ain’t gonna find another like public radio. So think about all the music, news and information you get from listening to your station. It’s a wealth of consciousness and creativity, so give ‘til it feels good to this very station. Awrite? Thanks!
11:07 OUT
Segment 3:
00:00 INCUE: Now, we here at AR like to think that w e help make public radio a place to Rock and Roll a bit. 50’s New Orleans R&B and La Swamp Blues influenced many young lads across the Atlantic – the Beatles, the Rolling Stones, the Kinks, the Who – just check out their early catalogs…

“Where You At” Lloyd Price 2:02
“Lights Out” Jerry Byrne 1:53
“Bad Boy” Larry Williams 2:17
“Dizzy Miss Lizzy” The Beatles 2:54

OUTCUE: …and Harold Battiste on tenor sax – just a taste of our New Orleans Rockin’ Routes. And it takes money to keep the public radio rocking along with everything else it does. If you like what you’re hearing, help support the station by making a financial contribution today. Here’s how.
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Segment 4:
00:00 INCUE: I’m NS, passing the hat for public radio at this fundraising time of year. Stay tuned for the first single from the Who inspired by Baton Rouge’s Slim Harpo back when their name was the High Numbers in 1964…

“Boogie Chillen’” John Lee Hooker 3:10
“I’m the Face” The High Numbers 2:28
“I’m A Lover Not A Fighter” Lazy Lester 2:30

OUTCUE: …and show some love to your radio station because, just like Lazy Lester, you are a lover, not a fighter. No matter how big or small, your loving support makes a difference. Give ‘til it feels good.
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Hour 2
Segment 5:
00:00 Open bed music start: “Basin Street Blues” Henry Butler
INCUE: I’m NS and this is AR from New Orleans. Public radio, it’s part of your life. I’m guessing You’re listening right now. Public radio is also known as listener-supported radio, and this is the week we give you the chance to put your money where your ears are. In a couple minutes we’ll be hear a new version of the “Pine Grove Blues”…

“Junco Partner” James Booker 5:10
“Pine Grove Blues” Pine Leaf Boys 5:26
“Paper Wings” Gillian Welch and David Rawlings 3:57

OUCUE: …Pine Grove Blues from the Pine Leaf Boys, all citizens of Lafayette La these days. Wilson Savoy on keyboard and button accordion. All American Routes music from here and far in support of your public radio station. Put your money where our mouth is or better where our music is, here’s how.
15:35 OUT
Segment 6:
00:00 INCUE: I’m NS. Guess what – AR has been around for 15 years now. Do you remember the first time you tuned into Routes, or this station? Or let’s go deeper, the first time you heard the Rolling Stones? How about Bob Dylan…

“It’s All Good” Bob Dylan 5:27
“Shake Your Hips” Slim Harpo 2:30
“Carolina Blues” Lost Bayou Ramblers 2:21

OUTCUE: …Radio is a powerful vehicle, to bring the world together, and you can take it with you anywhere you go in a powerful vehicle, like your car! So keep your hands on the wheel, pull over and take a few minutes to make a contribution to this station right now. Thanks.
10:56 OUT
Segment 7:
00:00 INCUE: I’m NS this is AR. We often play music of the grass roots that travels with the people who make it that’s the roots too or routes as some say. Musicians make records and it gets popular with some folks, and those records reach your station, and the station delivers it to you…

“Roll & Tumble Blues” Hambone Willie Newbern 3:03
“Sure ‘Nuff ‘N Yes I Do” Ralph Stanley 1:28
“Sure ‘Nuff ‘N Yes I Do” The Bootleggers featuring Mark Lanegan 2:35

OUTCUE: …putting it in a new style. The technologies changes too, butt there’s continuity. Still if no one’s listening, why create new sounds? Public radio listeners play a huge role in this creative flow, and without your help it won’t keep going. So turn on, tune in and please give to this radio station today.
07:57 OUT
Segment 8:
00:00 INCUE: I’m NS and this is AR. We’ve traveled the highways and by-ways of South Louisiana and beyond, to remind you to chip in, shake loose, and help out this station. To put you in the mood, we’ll hear Dolly Parton’s first recording, but first a Bayou blues…

“I Got Fever” Charles ‘Mad Dog’ Sheffield 2:16
“Puppy Love” Dolly Parton 1:38
“Lost Without Love” Lonesome Sundown 2:34

OUTCUE: …and give ‘til it feels good and be proud! Before saying goodbye, let me say thank you for tuning in each week to AR. And if you like what we do be a friend and support your station. We’ll be glad you did and so will you. Until that time, I’m NS for AR, from PRX.
07:11 OUT

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