For the Love of Radio: For Laughs and for the Serious Minded

The roots of KKFI community radio can be traced to a UMKC communiversity class way back in Fall of 1977. This Thursday Night Special celebrates that history by featuring the creative efforts of two KKFI Communiversity Classes from Fall of 2016: For Laughing Out Loud and Raising Hell on the Radio.

For Laughing Out Loud was offered to invite new people interested in writing and acting in humorous radio theater. We are pleased to report that their efforts produced very entertaining radio comedy. Tune-in for a hilarious half hour.

The second half of the broadcast features interviews by students from the other communiversity class, Raising Hell on the Radio. Class participants have put together two provocative interviews: Medicaid 23, concerning efforts by area activists to bring Medicaid to Missouri, and an interview about one of the most important issues of our times, media reform.

The folks who put this hour of entertainment and enlightenment together are radio amateurs in the very best sense of the word “amateur”…doing something for “amour” or for the “love” of radio.

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