Maegan Ortiz on Immigration Reform; Will Potter on ‘Ag Gag’ laws

This week on CounterSpin: Suddenly Washington is buzzing about comprehensive immigration reform. Republican opposition appears to be softening, and reporters seem downright relieved that the two parties might come together and get something done. But what do we know about the proposals being discussed? And who’s being left out of the discussion? We’ll ask journalist Maegan Ortiz of vivirlatino.

Also on CounterSpin today, the public’s right to know takes a beating from new laws known as agriculture gag laws or “ag gag” laws, that are cropping up in states across the country. The laws attempt to stop activists and journalists from documenting the treatment of farm-animals, and are part of a larger campaign to criminalize and demonize activists. We’ll talk to journalist Will Potter about how Green is the New Red.



Green is the New Red

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