Major Barbara

George Bernard Shaw said in 1933, “You must always let yourself think about everything. And you must think about everything as it is, not as it is talked about… We should never accept anything reverently without asking it a great many very searching questions.” Shaw asks “a great many searching questions” about power, wisdom, salvation, and survival in Major Barbara, in which the ideals of conventional morality are brought to bear on the ambiguities of the real world.

Starring Kate Burton as Lady Britomart and Roger Rees as Andrew Undershaft, with Kirsten Potter, Hamish Linklater, Henri Lubatti, Missy Yager, Russell Soder, J.B. Blanc, Matthew Gaydos, Brian George, Amelia White, and Sarah Zimmerman. Sound Effects Artist: Tony Palermo. Music Supervisor: Scott Willis. Recording, Editing and Mixing Engineer: Mark Holden. Our director is Dakin Matthews

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