Marjorie Cohn on ISIS AUMF, Laura Flanders on Worker Co-Ops

This week on CounterSpin: Media are consumed with whether the authorization Barack Obama is seeking from Congress to wage attacks on ISIS “and associated persons or forces” gives the executive branch too much power–or not enough. There’s no room left to ask whether authorization would actually make those attacks legal, much less what makes anyone think more military attacks are the solution to the crisis. We’ll talk about those things with law professor and author Marjorie Cohn.

Own the Change posterAlso on the show: It’s unsurprising that corporate-owned and -sponsored news media tend to present the corporation as the best and most natural way of doing business. But what of the alternative economic models that means we miss hearing about, different ways of organizing work that many people in our increasingly unequal society might be very interested to know about? We’ll talk about one of those ideas — workers’ co-ops — with author Laura Flanders of the Laura Flanders Show, who’s done some recent work on the subject.


–“Obama to Congress: Rubber-Stamp My Perpetual War,” by Marjorie Cohn (Truthout, 2/17/15)

Own the Change: Building Economic Democracy One Worker Co-op at a Time, by GRITtv and TESA (2/9/15)

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