Mary Daly Meets 3rd Wave

This is one of the last interviews with Mary Daly; time traveler, theologian and radical feminist pirate. Mary Daly, a Catholic theologian born in 1928, became a fierce feminist critic of patriarchal religion. Her first books were “The Church and the Second Sex” in 1968, and “Beyond God the Father” in 1973. Her later works were famously full of outrage and playful language. In 1999, Daly lost her job at Boston College for insisting on teaching a class to women only. The last of her 9 books, released in 2006, is titled “Amazon Grace: Re-Calling the Courage to Sin Big.” Mara Williams (DJ Cariad), a third wave feminist, reached across the generation gap to talk with Daly about it on campus radio KDVS at University of California, Davis.

The interview and preface to the recording are done by Mara Williams and WINGS series editor Frieda Werden.

Women’s International News Gathering Service (WINGS) has been covering the global women’s movement for community radio since 1986. Contact: [email protected]

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