MO CURE With Keith Brown El, Filmaker Greg Williams and More

Keith Brown El – What Doesn’t Kill You……

Last September, Jaws of Justice Radio volunteer, Keith Brown El was asked to speak at the Missouri CURE state convention. Keith arrived at the gates of the Missouri Penitentiary with a 15 year sentence for a robbery and ended up spending years behind bars. We play his speech titled “What Doesn’t Kill You Is Supposed To Make You Stronger” about how he survived, fought authorities to be treated humanely and the work he is doing to change the system now that he is out. Keith is presently Vice President of Missouri CURE.

Citizens United for Rehabilitation of Errants

CURE is an international movement that seeks to reduce crime through reform of the criminal justice system. International CURE website is

Missouri CURE organizes and unites offenders, their families, and others for education and advocacy in criminal
justice issues. MO CURE’s website is –

Filmaker Greg Williams – The Anonymous People

Hosts Cassandra Mitchell and Liz Henry talk with Greg williams about his film The Anonymous People. This feature length documentary about people in recovery from drugs and alcohol is about to open in New York City. This inspiring film was shown in KC as a benefit for Many Faces 1 Voice and efforts are being made to include KC is the distribution schedule as it receives wider release.

See a trailer of the film, individual testimonies from people in the fim or purchase the film at –

And More…..

A Voices from Behind the Fences Commentary by KRay about Slavery as punishment for a crime.

We also talk with Lora McDonald Executive Director of MORE2 about legislation they are advocating for in the Missouri Legislature and what you can do to help.

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