Model Matriarchy (the Iroquois example of women’s responsible power)

Barbara Alice Mann, PhD, describes the inner workings of a long-established North American matriarchal society where women led the arrangement of life, including festivals, collective decision-making, management of longhouses, food storage, marriages, child rearing, inheritance, rotating land use, agriculture, food storage, sharing, gift-giving and war and peace. The program is introduced by  Bernedette Muthien, a KhoeSan scholar/activist from South Africa.

Barbara Alice Mann, PhD, lives, teaches, researches, and writes in Ohio, the homeland of her Seneca ancestors for the last 1,500 years. She spoke in a virtual event titled Rematriation, around the UN CSW 2022, which was organized and hosted by Bernedette Muthien. The video recording of this live event (the source of today’s program) is located at: and was edited for WINGS by Frieda Werden.

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