Momma On A Mission and Veronica’s Voice – Working To Change Our Community

Momma On A Mission – Working Eliminate Murder In Our Community

Momma On a Mission, Inc is a nonprofit 501(c) (3) advocacy program for the families of homicide victims: helping them with emotional support, awareness of services, and organizing community activities to solve crimes.
Momma On a Mission, Inc. was organized to help families by providing emotional and community support while seeking legal justice.

Momma On a Mission, Inc is willing to help with:

Funeral Arrangements
Community Resources
Social Media Campaigns
Counseling Referrals
Networking with your local Police
Networking with your local Government Officials
Creating and Printing Flyers
Billboard Placement
And more…

Host David Bell talks with another local hero, Monique Willis of Momma On A Mission about their work helping loved ones of murder victims and their 3rd annual fundraising event – Walk A Mile In My Shoes 2017. The link below will take you to information about the event.

Momma on a Mission can be found online at their website – and Face Book –

Veronica’s Voice – Working To Help Women Get Out Of The Sex Industry

In July, 2000, supported by a start-up grant from the Sisters of Charity of Leavenworth, Kristy Childs launched a new program of services offered specifically to prostituted persons in Kansas City in honor of Veronica Neverdusky, a victim of commercial sexual exploitation murdered in 1993. It began in Kristy’s dining room. Early services included staffing a 24-hour crisis line with survivors of prostitution to address victims’ needs for urgent care support, and reaching out to women on the streets with peer support and personal items. That organization is Veronica’s Voice.

Through the years Veronica’s Voice has grown and its mission has expanded. The most recent development is Magdalene KC a residential facility, educational program and safe place for women trying to free themselves from sexual exploitation. Here is part of what Kristy has to say about Magdalene KC.

Magdalene KC is a two-year residential program for women who have survived lives of prostitution, trafficking, violence, addiction, and life on the streets. We will offer housing, food, medical and dental needs, trauma informed therapy, education, and job training without charging the residents. Many prostituted women have spent decades on the streets or precariously housed and have never experienced a home. A simple thing like having an address is a big deal. It means stability and security for many, the first time in their lives.

Host Jeff Humfeld talks with Kristy Childs, Founder and Director of Veronica’s Voice about their mission and the realization of a longtime goal that is Magdalene KC. More on Magdalene KC at link below.

Veronica’s Voice can be found online at – and on Face Book at

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Phone – 816-483-7101
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Magdalene KC is based on a model developed by Thistle Farms in Tennessee, to find out more about them go to –