(Mostly) Celtic/Northern European Mailbag

Another morning of new to us music (mostly released in 2020/2021) from Mark & Val. You’ll be hearing from Mozaiik’s release ‘The Long and the Short of It’; a piece from Molly Mason & Christine Balfa and Dirk Powell & Ganey Arsement plus a piece by the Nashville Chamber Orchestra and Paul Gambill from the compilation release ‘Ashokan Farewell – Beautiful Dreamer (Songs of Stephan Foster); fiddle/harp Woodlands release ‘Woodlands’; multi-instrumentalist Kofi Yong’s new release ‘Drunken Sailor’; Mark’s favorite Irish alto Muireen Nic Amhlaoibh’s new release “Neadu’; French trio Ciac Boum’s release ‘L’homme sans tete’; Swedish folk rock band Garmana’s release ‘Forbundet’; ‘Tranquility in Turreencahill’ from Bryan O’Leary with Brian Mooney; and Julie Fowlis, Karien Polwart, Seckou Keita, Kris Drever, Rachel Newton, Beth Porter Jim Molyneaux, and Kerry Andrew from the release, ‘The Lost Words – Spell Songs’, a 112 page book with a 14 track CD, a musical companion piece to The Lost Words by author Robert Macfarlane and artist Jackie Morris commissioned in 2018 by the Folk by the Oak Festival.

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