M&V – What We Saw at Folk Alliance, Day 4

Yes, indeed – we heard a ton of music! Today we kick off our fourth (and final) ‘What We Saw at Folk Alliance’  with The Armagh Rhymers, one of Val’s absolute favorites from the Conference. The Armagh Rhymers need to be seen to be believed. One of the most celebrated traditional music and theater ensembles in Ireland, this costumed Educational and Cultural Organisation “…evokes a sense of tradition and history and encapsulates the spirit of the Wren boys and the ancient house visiting traditions of Ireland, where the kitchen floor became the stage…”. Check out their online performances in addition to today’s show to get the true picture.

From there we bring you Cara Dillon, Lula Wiles (where we’ve edited a bit of explicit language (yup – even in Folk music)), Torgir Vassik, Kelly Hunt, Elephant Sessions, Cha WA, Charm of Finches, Susan Werner, Damn Tall Buildings, and Rachele Andrioli and Rocco Negro. And we’ll tell you more about them as we go along.


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