The Myths And Inequities Of The Bail Bond System, Bad Policy?

The Myths And Inequities Of The Bail Bond System, Bad Policy?

Jaws of Justice Radio takes a look at the Bail Bond industry, the arguments used to support it, the unfair effects on the poor, the negative effects on the economy and local communities.

Host Jamie Jackson starts out talking with Professor Peter Edelman, Carmack Waterhouse Professor Of Law And Public Policy at the Georgetown Law Center about the myths and misconceptions used to support the Bail Bond system and how this system that is unique to the US and the Philippines is bad policy. They also talk about the mass bailout of prisoners at Rikers Island in New York City.
Georgetown Law Center website –

Next Jamie returns with an interview with Cherise Fanne Burdee, Executive Director of the Pretrial Justice Institute about their efforts to educate about the bail bond industry and support efforts in communities across the nation to reform or eliminate the bail bond system.
Pretrial Justice Institute website –

Then Jamie talks with Michael John Voss, cofounder of the ArchCity Defenders in St Louis, MO about the successes fighting the system in court in the St Louis area and efforts to find solutions at the state level as well.
ArchCity Defenders website –

Then Jamie is joined by guest Host Pat Bartholeme and Justice Gatson, a local lawyer who has been working on these issues and helped organize the local bailouts of Mothers for Mothers day and fathers for fathers day.

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