Native Spirit Radio with Rhonda LeValdo (1/27/19)

Rhonda LeValdo, host of Native Spirit RadioNative Spirit Radio host, Rhonda LeValdo plays contemporary and traditional Native American music with an update on News across Indian Country.

Native Spirit (Cultural) with Rhonda Levaldo 01/27/2019 05:00PM to 06:00PM

05:02PM-05:05PM (3:00) Mic Jordan “Dear Native Youth” from Dear Native Youth (Single)

05:05PM-05:09PM (4:14) Cree Confederation “beautiful flower” from Kihtawasoh Wapakwani – Beautiful Flower on Canyon Records

05:09PM-05:14PM (4:53) Indigenous “things We Do” from Things We Do (CD, Rock) on Pachyderm Records

05:16PM-05:17PM (1:35) Six Nations Women Singers “Ho Way Hey Yo” from Heartbeat: Voices of First Nations Women (Comp) on Smithsonian Folkways Recordings

05:17PM-05:23PM (5:31) Northern Cree “The Sakaweh Song” from Loyalty to the Drum (World) on Canyon Records

05:25PM-05:30PM (4:56) Interview with Mitchell Bush “Interview with Mitchell Bush” from Living Voices

05:45PM-05:48PM (3:00) Redstone “Intertribal” from Drums of Fire

05:48PM-05:51PM (3:00) Redbone “Come and Get Your Love” from 8 Best of 70s Rock N’ Roll (Original Artist Re-Recordings) (CD, Album, Rock) on Madacy Special Products

05:54PM-06:00PM (6:43) Elk Soldier “Stomp the Yard” from The Elk Way (CD, Album, World) on Canyon Records

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