Native Spirit with Rhonda LeValdo July 28, 2019

I started off this show by talking about a good friend who helped me with my intro music, Mr. Jerry Clown who plays the flute. I play his entire piece for this show as my way of thanking him for this gift. Journey well my friend.


5:04:26 PM McClellan, Robedeaux and Stoner Four Straight Songs Blessings World Canyon Records
5:09:58 PM Northern Cree Nimihito Awasis (“Dancing Child”) Mîyo Kekisepa, Make a Stand Canyon Records

5:17:02 PM Estun-Bah Spirit of Mother Earth From Where the Sun Rises World Canyon Records

5:21:25 PM Floyd Red Crow Westerman Custer Died for your sins Native America Calling Trikont

5:26:23 PM Interview with Haunani Apolonia Interview with Haunani Apolonia Living voices

5:43:05 PM Keith Secola Indian Cars Native America Calling Trikont

5:46:44 PM Reed Bobroff The four elements of ghost dance The four elements of ghost dance Indie

5:51:56 PM Joe Tohonnie Jr Honoring All Military (Apache War Dance Songs) Journey into a New Direction: Apache Songs Canyon Records

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