New Music from KC band Appropriate Grammar!

On this week’s installment of Under the Radar, host John Todd will be featuring the new track from KC’s own Appropriate Grammar, called “Golden Child”.

About the band:

Appropriate Grammar is just like their hometown of Kansas City: pockets of excellence held together by their common culture. Their influences and styles combine into something just as sonically delicious as a Bryant’s Burnt Ends Special, and it’s just as saucy. Singer and guitarist Nick McKenna‘s unique voice and folky finger-picking open the door for bassist and vocalist Claire Adams‘ wildly melodic additions to both features. All of that combined with guitarist Alex Dunsford‘s Sonic Youth-inspired leads and Steve Gardels channeling Marky Ramone and Dave Grohl through his kit, Appropriate Grammar has something for every ear. Their songs sway between The Black Keys’ howling guitars and country roots, into Clash territory with funky basslines and fast drumming before spiraling into a collage of Explosions In The Sky’s sonic depth and The Pixies’ pop sensibilities with just a hint of Nick Drake’s eerie and well-written vocals. Grab a whiskey, turn up the amps and light the stage: this is Appropriate Grammar.

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