News From the Frontlines of Ecological Resistance

Tune into Ecoradio KC 6 pm Monday October 1st when host Steve Mann looks at what’s happening on the Frontlines of Ecological Resistance with Panagioti, member of Earth First Journal Collective and Rachel Ivy Member of Deep Green Resistance Cascadia. Find out what’s happening at White Clay Nebraska next to the Pine Ridge Reservation and the  solidarity of Deep Green Environmentalists and the American Indian Social Justice and Environmental Resistance movement.

 This weeks Birdnote: Salt Pond Restoration in San Francisco Bay

Thousands of acres of south San Francisco Bay that lay under industrial salt ponds for over a century are now being restored to native tidal marsh. The South Bay Salt Pond Restoration Project has acquired almost 24 square miles that salt producers had diked along the bay’s tidal margin. The ongoing restoration must balance varied needs for habitat. Some ponds are still managed for high salinity to attract nesting Western Snowy Plovers. Other areas are restored to marshes with normal salinity. When completed, the South Bay will be home to the largest tidal wetland restoration on the West Coast. Welcome news for hungry migrating sandpipers

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